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Since 2020, LAFLEUR Zurich has been cooperating with the art gallery Lust auf Zeit.

The first artwork, lovingly created by local artist David Bertrand, whose art has been displayed in national exhibitions in Switzerland, is an abstract expression piece that conveys a feeling of calm stability. Pairing the artwork of the Lausanne born artist with the Cashmere Collection is a perfect way for LAFLEUR Zurich to promote the work of this amazing artist and share his artistic creativity with the world.

His artwork deeply reflects LAFLEUR Zurich’s own philosophy that the best, high quality products are not man made, but come from nature, itself, and its ability to refresh and revitalize the body, mind and soul.

Meet the Artist

David Bertrand

Born in 1989, David Bertrand is a born nature lover. Since childhood he has returned time and time again to the mountains and the lakes, no doubt finding joy and peace in such calm and tranquil surroundings. His affinity to nature is reflected in his amazing artistic talent and is at the center of each carefully crafted piece of work.

David is mainly concerned with abstract expressionism and tries to put the viewer into a calm emotion and to convey a general feeling of stability.