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LAFLEUR x Design

In our modern times there is a wide range of new designs - whether in fashion, interior design or cosmetics. Yet many people still have an awareness of the beauty of traditional designs.

Especially the classic, no-frills shapes of E. STANKA and LAFLEUR Zurich can be perfectly combined with contemporary design. Together we stand for classic, exclusivity and elegance, combined with our masterly working methods, will meet your high demands at all times.

E. STANKA and LAFLEUR Zurich have designed a timeless set.


E. Stanka

For about 80 years, the E. STANKA glassworks, with its masterly mouth-blown, hand-cut lead crystal unique pieces, has been embellishing every set table.

The high-quality material - 24% lead crystal glass - promises a unique exclusivity. Discovered in the 15th century and refined in the 17th century, the material was originally intended to imitate the purity and elegance of rock crystal.